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First freelance gig of the year


Let’s do this. 

Started the day with coffee in my favorite cup, the one with blue clovers on it. And warmed up with a sketch I’ve been working on to save for something fun later. I’ll never stop loving drawing our pets. My head explodes with ideas whenever I look at these cuties.

sketch by Andrea Femerstrand

Hope you had a fantastic New Years eve! Ready to take on 2018? I know I am, pretty excited actually. Got some goals I’m planning to present to you in a bit, and this time I’m gonna accomplish them.

Plus. I already landed my first freelance gig of the year. I’m gonna illustrate a new children’s book. Joy! Already read some of the script, and really liked it. Can’t wait to show you the final result later this spring. Gotta keep it as a secret until then…

Procreate app

Allright. I know what you’re thinking.

I blamed my busy year on freelancing not so long ago. And you’re probably sick of me repeating “this time will be different” over and over again.

I giggle nervously, while you roll your eyes at me. We know the drill ;)

But! I really want to try harder now, to find the right balance. It’s so easy to fall for tempting offers, and accidentally say “yes” to too many things at the same time. Is it even possible to master the skill to estimate properly, or is all hope lost already? There has to be a way, right?


Today is a good day though. There’s plenty of time to snuggle up and sketch. I’m gonna continue reading the rest of the script, and start sketching for the book, while juggling a clingy kitteh(Zimba has decided to move in underneath my shirt today…) See if I can find a nice audiobook to have running in the background. 


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  1. Congrats on the freelance gig!
    Estimating is correctly is hard, but its a learnable skill for sure. I got better at it over the course of my career so far, so why shouldn’t you? Maybe you need just the right formulation for it?

    I haven’t had much luck with landing gigs lately…
    Balancing work and life is hard for me too. I find it really hard to justify downtime to myself and constantly feel lazy or think I did not do enough, even when I managed to do my days work handily.
    Part of it is that I have so much I want to do, start and finish, but no schedule where I could see how and if I make progress. It’s a thing I have to work on for sure.
    right now, I build a schedule for the next 6 months, prioritizing projects, setting deadlines for myself. But also according for free time, rest and, well. living.

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