About me

Andrea and Zimba

Short describtion

  • Andrea Femerstrand
  • 33 years old
  • Concept Artist and Illustrator
  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Cat and bunny owner
  • Digital art tools: Adobe Photoshop CC and Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Visit my portfolio to see more of what I do.

You can also contact me directly at contact @ noukah.com

Hello there!

My name is Andrea, also known as Noukah. And I like entertaining others by drawing cute animals.
I spend most of my days holding a pencil in my left hand, and balancing a very clingy cat with my right one. Either creating content for this blog, freelancing on some illustration project, teaching, or working part time with games.

I probably work too much(Been struggling to find the right balance for almost 10 years now), so I try to mix things up from time to time by riding my bike, hanging out with my pets, or spending time with friends, or enjoying nature.

I’m a social introvert, and probably HSP. Socializing for me is like free diving. You have lots fun, but to keep yourself from drowning, coming up for air and long rests is vital.

Oh, and I live in Stockholm, Sweden -the land of Abba, Ikea and Smörgåsbord.

My unusual super power is finding four leaf clovers. I can spot them from a far distance, and one summer I managed to pick over 200 four leaves. I was born in Hungary a few weeks after the nuclear disaster in Tjernobyl, so maybe that’s why I’m a bit strange in that sense ;)

Art has indeed defined me my entire life

Having easy access to pen and paper already as a toodler, has set the ground for my love for art. Since then, art has been both a blessing and a curse.

I was pretty shy when I was growing up, so art became a natural way for me to approach new people. Me drawing in front of others always worked well as an ice breaker, and all the compliments I received encouraged me to keep going.

However, it has been a tricky balance sometimes. Being praised that often has a price, it made me think that I was nothing without art. And at the same time, I didn’t want to buy my friends by drawing pictures to them. I was often known as that freak who drew well, and sadly, most kids didn’t see further than my drawings.

I still work a lot on keeping my self worth and art separated, and to take control of my art instead of letting it control me. If that makes any sense.

I try to draw and paint what matters for me most of the time, and I also consider myself lucky that I can draw for a living. One fun fact is that I’ve proven my teachers wrong. I was told not to draw as much, and focus on my studies. Well, guess who ended up on the Wall of Fame in the elementary school I went to? ;) I’m glad I never gave up drawing.

Art has definitely offered me plenty of self growth, it’s a life long journey that I really enjoy, despite the struggles through out the years.

I blog to stay sane

Honestly, I’ve felt a bit lost from time to time when it comes to art. Or no. I’ve been feeling extremely lost! Worthless, scared even. I’ve come to realization that I’ve put way too much pressure on myself through out the years, and it has broken me several times. It’s not until now that I’m slowly learning how to wind down and find the reason why I started drawing in the first place.

Maybe you can relate to some of this:

You feel defeated after seeing some awesome artists work, or struggle with finding your own style.
Are you even worthy?
Maybe you’re paranoid and expect everyone you “fooled” to show up outside your window with pitchforks and torches.
All out to get YOU.
You seriously believe that you’re not that good after all.
And who do you really make art for? You sure that it’s for yourself? Or are you in only for the likes and praising? Huh? HUH? Are you??

Well, yeah, those kinds of thoughts( Already got my first frown lines thanks to them). I hear you, I’ve dealt with all of that, and I still do.

No, you don’t suck. All these feelings and thoughts are OK. You are OK.

There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, don’t feel guilty.

We all loved art as kids. Drew effortlessly, just had fun with it and cranked out those doodles like we didn’t give a damn. What happened along the way?

I strongly believe that things can change. Not fixed, but handled with care and maybe even turned into your advantages. It is possible to become independent, find the right balance between art and expectations, and last but not least: we can find our way back to that playful, childish relationship to art. And to always have fun when creating. Except I won’t eat the crayons this time(yup, I was one of those weirdos.I’m striving to hopefully motivate you, and to help you gain more confidence. Like a friendly reminder during those crappy days.

This blog i fairly new so far(started in April, 2016) and is meant to be a place where you can allow yourself to take a little break from pressure we tend to put on ourselves, and the expectations to always be on top. I share my tips, experiences and give peptalks on how to cope with artistic struggles, and top it off with tutorials and other goodies.

If you made it to this part and can relate, then let me give you a warm welcome. So glad you’re here, it’s nice  to have some company!

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See you around!