About me

Andrea Femerstrand | May 20, 1986 | Sweden

I’m a freelance illustrator with a main focus on art and characters suitable for stories, film, toys and more. I’ve worked since 2008 and collaborated with a wide range of clients, some of them are Jim Henson, Harper Collins, Wacom, Star Stable, 3D Total, Imagine FX, Bonnier, Sveriges Radio and more.

I also enjoy drawing a lot on my sparetime and love exploring through my personal art and favorite subject – animal characters. I mostly work digitally in Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq 13 HD.


Visit my portfolio to see more of what I do.

For work inquiries, drop me an e-mail at: contact @ noukah.com

Longer bio:

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, art has always been my number one interest that I never seem to grow tired of doing or learning more about.

I happened to get lots of praise for my drawings early on and I think that all that encouragement fueled my interest for drawing even more. Since I used to be a bit shy, I also started to use drawing as a tool to seek attention from others, which was both a blessing and a curse. Being seen as ”the girl who draws” felt like very few could look past my drawings and wanting to get to know the actual person behind them, which got quite lonely from time to time.

Pursuing art as a career didn’t resonate with me until my teenage years, since I always saw myself working with animals as an adult.

But I always drew, lots and lots of animals, especially horses, I was also one of those kids in elematary school who was told to draw less and to pay more attention in class. I never really listened to that but luckily things still worked out  eventually.

I’m completely self taught don’t have any actual degree in art.

I started out with traditional media and experimented with all kinds of them, colored pencils and watercolours became some of my favorite medias. 

Then at 14 I came across Photoshop for the first time and it blew my mind. Using only a mouse at the time I learned everything from scratch through trial and error. My english was terrible back then so I could barely understand anything, I had no idea what words like ”layers” meant but it didn’t stop me. I thought that the burn tool(haha), smudge tool and airbrush were the coolest things ever, I’ve never experienced anything like it so I just HAD to figure out how to use them to make art!

Here are some of my first digital paintings. I was really into horses back then, and I remember being so proud of these.

I continued working digitally and purchased my first drawing tablet at 17, a Wacom Intuos 2. It was a true gamechanger even though I have to confess that I actually worked on it without any driver installed.

For years.

Yeah, it’s embarassing to admit that I didn’t get the point with drivers at first but I learned eventually, better late than never…

Back in the early 2000’s during my teen years I also started gaining more access to the internet and discovered online art communities like DeviantArt where other young artists like myself hung out. I started posting my own art online and learned so much just by looking at others art. Despite having my fragile ego crushed and developing imposter syndrome, this is where I slowly started to realize that I actually wanted to make art for a living, but didn’t know how to do that exactly.

Then I found a course that taught 3D and other digital graphics at Nackademin in Stockholm, studied there for 2 years and managed to get an internship in 2008.

That eventually led to a fulltime job as a concept artist, which is how I eventually got a foot into the industry. I struggled a lot in the beginning and there was a steap learning curve since producing art and graphics on queue is definitely a skill on it’s own, way more demanding than casually drawing just for fun. I had several setbacks but they taught me a lot, eventually all the hard work paid off and I started to catch up, hopefully I’ll never stop learning and improving my skills.

I started my freelancing business in 2010 to build a client base while I continued working as an artist at various companies and started freelancing fulltime in 2020. 

I’ve done illustrations for all kinds of products that needed appealing characters and during the recent years I’ve been leaning more towards stories and books. I’ve grown very fond of drawing expressive characters and to convey emotions, currently I’m illustrating several book series and hoping to publish my own stories in the future.

I’m always open to discuss new opportunites, drop me an e-mail at contact @ noukah.com if you’re interested in working together.


Thank you and enjoy your stay!