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5 tips on approaching a freelance artist

Some dialogues with new potential clients could definitely become more effective. It’s common to receive requests similar to this one:

"Hello, I'm looking for an artist for my project, what are your rates?
// Unknown"

It’s very hard to give a straight answer with only that. To clarify what I mean, I’ve made a check list with things that will make it easier.

If you can add all these things below in your first message, that’ is a huge plus both ends!

• 5 tips on approaching a freelance artists •
1. Proper introduction

Introduce yourself and tell a little bit about your business and project.

2. Share a short brief and scope

This is a true time saver. Having an idea of the size of your project and what your expectations are goes a long way. The more tangible the easier it will be to set give you the right quote.

3. Deadlines

Deadlines will help determen wether a freelancer can fit your project and scope into their calendar, this will also save a lot of time on both ends if you know the dates up front.

4. Budget

Knowing the budget up front will help determen wether it matches your scope of work and if something needs to be adjusted or negotiated.

Avoid offering exposure as payment. Bills won’t get paid with exposure and quite frankly, most creatives can get that on their own.

5. Proper research

Every artist have their unique skillset and it’s common to specialize in certain areas. My main focus is character- and story driven artwork also suitable for a younger audience. I’m not the right artist to commission for logo designs or example, but there are others who are amazing at it.  

That’s what I could think of for now. Feel free to add more tips in the comments!


3 Responses

  1. Åh, det här är så bra. Känner verkligen ingen mig, trots att jag inte är illustratör/designer. Samtliga punkter är lika relevanta inom frilanscopywriting.
    Hur många “Hej, vad kostar du?”-mail har man inte fått liksom. Snacka om att lägga all kommunikationsbörda på frilansaren…

  2. Hi Andrea

    Is there any tip on how to deal with the clients who constantly revise the project they requested and constantly ask for new changes to the point where you don’t even want to work on the project anymore because they changed it 15-20 times already? Maybe we should start asking clients if they are really really sure what they want? :D

    1. Hey! Good question. I can usually dodge this by telling them already in the beginning, that withing the quote – 2 or 3 revisions will be included during the process. And after that I’ll charge an extra fee if they still want further revisions :) It happened that I’ve forgotten to mention this through the years, and ended up with many more revisions than expected. So lesson learned, I’m more clear toward new clients nowadays!

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