Casual sketching while it’s raining outside

Evening sketch

Yay! I finished the illustrations last night, so now I’ve finally got time for my own stuff again ◠◡◠
I’m celebrating with lit candles and my sketchbook, getting all cozy sitting on my couch. And it’s raining outside. Mmmm… Usually I’m scared to light candles when I’m home alone, (what if I forget lighting them out.) so this is actually the first time that I do it, ever. Hard to believe, since I’m already turning 30(in 19 days, ahh holy crap!) Yeah baby, I feel so brave right now.

So what am I sketching tonight? Well, you can have one guess…

Points earned if you guessed “Foxes”! Haha. Ohh I love them, they’re so adoreable. I started coloring this sketch a while back :

Fox sketch by

But I had to pause and focus on my freelance gigs for a while. I just got back to it, and got some more ideas that I’d like to add. So that’s pretty much what I’m doing tonight! Jotting down thumbnails and notes for some additional sketches to this current one. Don’t worry, he may seem sad, but I’m meaning to add a happy ending to this!

What’s up at your end? Hope you’re having an awesome evening ♥

Freelance weekend and a terrorist

I rarely have time for freelance work nowadays, but sometimes I make an exception. It mostly depends on whether the project inspires me, and if I can make it justice. This time I’m working on two illustrations for a short story that will be published Sweden’s largest kids- and teen magazine called Kamratposten. Nowaday’s it’s been shortened down to “KP”. I really enjoy working for them,  which I’ve been doing since 2010, mostly because it was my favorite magazine back when I was growing up. Most people from my generation get all nostalgic when I mention that I work for them. But I’m probably the biggest nostalgia-junkie of them all, if you knew me in person you’ll surely know!

I’ll probably spend most of the day working today, the weather outside is rather dull so I don’t feel guilty staying inside. Mjehehehe. However, I wish I could’ve been more productive though. Currently trying to draw with one hand and fighting off this little a-hole with the other.

Freelancing with cat from hell
He had 5 timeouts the other day, for some reason he needs to be in my face as soon as I zone in and try to draw. We’re having a love-hate relationship, Z and I.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Leaving my comfort zone with Boston Terrier sketches

Oh the irony. I was actually considering leaving Instagram a couple of weeks ago. But I’m still there posting! Addicted much? Anyway,  I’ve just started with something fun over there – Felt like i’ve been stuck in my comfort zone lately, drawing the same horses and foxes over and over again, so I asked my followers to tag their pets under the hashtag #noukahdrawspets. Now I’ve got a bunch of images to choose from and use as reference, many of them even are way too adorable to wait with!

First out is a Boston Terrier named Quincy. I died a little when I saw him, all snuggled up in a blanket. I felt excited and cocky at the time so I started sketching solely with my inks.

boston terrier sketches

Oops. About 20 failed attempts later, I realized that I was rustier than I thought. The sketches had nowhere the quality I wanted them to have, I found them too messy. I’ve barely drawn dogs before, other than wolves or foxes, so that explains things. hehe comfort zones, remember? Felt a bit tricky to draw a Boston Terrier. Gotta do my homework! So I made some studies:

boston terrier sketch

dog sketches

Boy, they’re hilarious. JUST LOOK AT THEM CRAZY PUPS!

crazy boston dog sketches

Seriously, what is this I don’t even…
After I’ve calmed down and collected myself, I managed to paint my iteration of Quincy. In Photoshop this time. Here’s the sketch and final painting, took me a couple of hours:Boston Terrier painting

I’ll definitely continue doing these. Hmm which per should I pick next time? Really enjoyed this approach. Making studies, and then make your own idea based off what you’ve learned. In my case, it was Boston Terriers and blanket folds(Note to self: make more studies of drapery!) It makes so much sense, and it’s probably the most effective way to improve your art.

Do you agree or disagree?


Ink: My 4 favorite pens for sketching


I really enjoy sketching with ink. I revisited my pens earlier this winter after a long break, and I’ve actually forgotten how much fun I used to have whith them! Inks look so pretty, I love the contrasts and the more you use them, the braver you become. They force you to stay bold and it’s perfect for practicing simplicity. I always try to keep my sketches fast and subtle, and with as few lines as possible, making them stay rather effortless.

These are my top 4 pens that I tend to pick up when the urge kicks in.

  1. Pentel Brush Pen: My baby. Dunno what else to say. The brush tip with actual hair gives you such freedom and variation to your lines. It was love at first sight, back when I discovered this pen in 2011. I understand why this ink pen is so popular among artists!
  2. Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 Grip: This pen is so comfortable to use. It runs smoothly across the paper, and beside sketching, I also use it a lot for taking notes. It’s a nice allround pen to carry around everywhere. It’s also my favorite one when I scribble small ideas on post-its.
  3. Lamy Safari: A newly discovered sweetheart. I’ve never really understood the greatness of fountain pens and I’m actually quite embarrassed that I realized that so late. Where have you been all my life?! I sketch very rough with it, trying to stay as loose as possible. This one, and the brush pen really complement each other.
  4.  Pilot G-tec C4: Another recent discovery. A friend introduced me to this gem. It’s super thin and precise! Perfect for the tiniest details, and awesome when you want to add those final touches to your sketches.

ink strokes

It would be very hard to pick only one out of these four, I love them all! Oooohhh I’m nerdy and I love it.  Hehe, nope I’m not sponsored in case you wondered!

What are your favorite ink pens?

New blog in the making


Soooo Voilá! I’ve finally jumped on the WordPress wagon! Been thinking about it on and off through out the years, so I feel really excited that it finally happened. I hope that you’ll like this new site and I can’t wait to fill it up with lots and lots of content. Any topic suggestions are welcome, so if you’d like me to write about anything in particular – shoot! I’m all ears as usual, and will try to make things happen.

Obviously I’m still organizing things on this site, so sorry about the mess and emptiness.

Welcome! I hope that you’ll enjoy it here!