A little sketch dump inbetween work

Hey! How are things?

This year has been so busy. I’ve been occupied with lots of freelance work, a lot more than last year. I really enjoy it though, and I feel that I’m slowly finding a healthy balance between work and rest.

I take a lot of breaks inbetween work, and lately I allowed myself to fine-tune my cats. And other cute stuff that I’ve found interesting at the moment.

It’s hard, but I think it’s moving forward. I’m using this method a lot.

tiger sketches procreate

Studying photos, our own cats and how my idols solve their designs.

tiger sketches

The goal with my studies? To fine-tune my knowledge of animals further, and find more time efficient ways to draw them. In return, my personal style will hopefully grow with it.

Here are some more recent sketches. These are just directly out of my head.

animals sketches dogs bunnies cats

A mix of stuff :)

Thanks for viewing! Are you practicing anything right now?


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