Monthly recap: February + March and thoughts about procrastination

February and March. They just swooshed by. I’ve barely had any freelance work, so I’ve been mostly doing mindless doodles on my spare time. Quite nice though, I like having slower months from time to time, where I put myself first.

watercolors cats persian cornish rex bunny

nathan fowkes watercolor study

Still soldiering on with my watercolors these two months as well, and I think I’m slowly moving forward. Learning a lot so far, I’ve figured out that tube paints and white gouache are my friends. Nothing ecxiting to show yet though, I need to save my failed attempts for a future post ;)

acrylic inks fox painting

I also found some acrylic inks after one of my visits to the art supply store, which I’ve been playing around with. I’m hooked now. They kinda behave like watercolors, but become waterproof. Interesting…… I can do a comparison later on!

winter stockholm judarskogen deer

Stockholm has been FREEZING lately. We haven’t had this much snow in years. I know many Swedes over here have been fed up with it. But not me. I’ve welcomed it with open arms. Climate anxious much?

And then there were lots of snow leopards in February. Here are a bunch of sketches I made to study these gourgeous beasts.

snow leopard sketches digital art photoshop

I mean, seriously. How cute are they? Holding their own tails and acting all cute. Snow kittens!

What about my action Points?

Well, I did go on a field trp in February. But I definitely failed March, and got sick instead. Oh well, I’ll go twice next month! I haven’t done any serious writing either… Shame on me.

However, I DID publish my first video on Youtube in ages. It still counts even though I did it last minute, hehe:

Yeah, that’s pretty much it for now!

April will be about some freelancing, I need to focus on that book that’s meant to get finished later in May. Then I’ll try to kickstart my Youtube channel for real.

And work on my own story.


How come it’s so much harder to finish our own Projects? I get writer’s block Before I even start, even though I know how my story will start and end. Ghah.

Really, this is one of my greatest stuggles to be honest. I already use a Bullet Journal to manage tasks to get things done, loving it. But I think making a schedule for everything would good too. Time management for the win!


What are your best tips on being more effective?











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