Never lose great ideas again – Gather all your best sketches in one place

Allright, I’m gonna show you something awesome.

Do you also have a bunch of old sketchbooks piling up on your shelves, that you’ve abandoned once you finished them? You had lots of great ideas, but then forgotten about them after a while, or can’t even remember which sketchbook you drew them in?

sketchbooks persian cat

I had a bit of an epiphany while watching one of Claire Wendling’s presentations at THU. She’s one of my idols by the way, damn she’s skilled :D

Something clicked while I was watching her flipping through her amazing sketchbook…..

Why yes, of course! How have I not thought about it before?

How many of us have lots and lots of great , forgotten sketches and scribbles? I got a bunch of them over here.

organize your sketches

Made myself a nice cup of coffee, sat down with a pair of scissors and tape, and began cutting out all my favorite sketches from the past years. Attached them to blank sheets of papers and carefully slid them into plastic pockets that went into a large folder.

It took all day. My back was aching, and my hand shaking from hunger. I couldn’t allow myself to take a break until I finished my archive, this was way too exciting to get interrupted from!

All your best sketches in one place

After I finished collecting, I finally had my very own sketch archive filled with hand picked ideas and scribbles. Personal favorites that might come in handy one day. Sorted by category so I’ll always find them or keep adding new sketches. Like a spinoff from Bullet Journaling.


Am I the only one who feels all giggly and excited over this? I’m all hyped, I just wanna carry this folder everywhere I go, like a teddy bear.

(Haha, no Zimba, I was joking. You are always my number one ;D)

Here are some extra benefits:

  • This can help preventing future art blocks, as you can always use your archive as inspiration
  • Your best sketches will remain protected in the plastic pockets
  • You can save those first scribbles for your masterplan, perfect to show off when you’re writing your future biography as a success story ;)
  • You’ll have a nice overview on what you should practice more in terms of sketching. It’s a fun challenge to make your archive as diverse as possible.
  • Decluttered shelves. Why saving all the old sketchbooks filled with drawings you don’t even like or need? After saving the best ones, you can get rid of all the books that only take up unnecessary space. The minimalist in me wants to burst out into singing by this fact alone :)

rhino pencil sketch noukah

These silly rhinos for instance. I drew them back in 2012, and have completely forgotten about them. Now I can easily find them again, and might as well use them for future projects someday.

Seriously though. I highly recommend this. Sure, it does take some time and effort, but it’s soooo worth it trust me. Isn’t it ironic how a pretty organized artist like myself, could forget organizing  the most important thing in our works? Our personal blue prints. The soul of creativity – the sketches.

Grab the scissors and start cutting, amigos!


You are welcome ;)


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