January recap: Watercolor hype, frost and a cute and cozy school

Why hello there, it’s me again. Almost end of February already? Really? What’s going on?  

It’s time for the first monthly recap to check on how I am doing wth my goals for the year. January has been really fun, consisting of lazy and snowy days(haven’t have this much snow in Stockholm in years, yay!), some freelance work, losing myself in watercolors.

So how did I do with the goals so far? Let’s have a look:

snow leopard watercolors noukah

Traditional painting

I’ve been really busy with my brushes and paint these past weeks. There’s something about watercolors that gets me so enchanted that I forget about time and space when watching the wet colors mix on the paper. After struggling a lot, practicing and sweating, I managed to finish my first watercolor painting in January. The one with two lynxes chasing each other.

I’ve got another one in progress already, which is the one you can see above :) Yay! We’re making progress!


Getting out in nature

I can proudly cross this one off my list as well. Visited a beautiful nature preserve here in Stockholm during one of the coldest days here so far. So worth it.

I’m planning to do a smaller field trip again probably this weekend or next week. I still got some time to decide upon where to go next :)

Speaking in front of a large audience

This year will be the one when I become better at public speaking. I can feel it. I know, I’ve said this before, but Imagine how cool it would be to become really good at capturing your audience. Standing casually on a stage and say things that matter. Yes, I want that.

I had the great opportunity to keep practicing, as I got asked to be a guest teacher for two days at a boarding school that teaches animation. I arrived to a snowy town in south Sweden, and the school looked like this cozy little village consisting of red houses.  I was teaching character design, and had an awesome time. Once again – thanks for having me!

Writing and illustrating my own story

Hm, frankly I didn’t have time to focus on this goal at all in January. I still got time though, as I set an action point to finish an outline, synopsis and rough text for my story by the end of February. Will probably aim to finish that horse story. I do have most of the rough story already, so I might manage to finish all of it on time. I’ll try!

Active blog

Well yes. I would say that I’ve been more active on this blog and social media than ever. By being productive of course ;) I’ve posted on average, one blog post per week which I think is a pretty nice level.

But Youtube…? Heh. I do have videos in the backlog, and I know I said that the next video should be done by the end of February. We will se about that. Maybe I can do it, if I put myself together and really priotirised it.

All in all, I think I did pretty ok during January. Managed to keep focus and finish tasks in a humane pace.

February and March in particular, will be more about public speaking and story telling. I can’t wait to finish my stories, it must be so cool to have something that’s made all by yourself.

How was your January?


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