New speed painting based on my photos

I’m still living in that magical wonderland from last week in the snowy woods.  Who knew that a little frost, sunshine and minus degrees could do so much good. Been looking at the photos I took and long to go back. Hope we can have snow at least one more time before spring arrives. It’s all melted away already.

I remember walking past a section where some tree logs have fallen to the ground. That beautiful scene sparked my imagination and I heard my self thinking “Wow, that is so beautiful! That would be a perfect spot for the lynx and fox I want to paint. They could balance on those logs and play, having the sun shining from the side.”

Then I scribbled down this a couple of days later

lynx and fox sketch by NoukahThough it suited well for a speedpainting. Since I’ve been doing a lot of line art lately, and struggling with my watercolors, it felt good to push some pixels around in my beloved Photoshop. The finished painting took me a couple of hours, did everything except the sketch in one sitting.

Time to eat something, and make a nice cup of tea. By the way, I’m so glad I’ve finally found my favorite tea again. Rosehip and hibiscus. There was one in the stores back in the days called “Morning Time” that I loved to drink as a kid. I’m an old lady trapped in a young persons body,  how normal is it to long home from school just so I could sit and drink tea as a 12 year old? :D

Then is suddenly disappeared from the shelves. Oh, the irony. Through out the years, I never managed to find that combo again. All I knew was that it contained rosehips. It was not until a couple of years ago, when a friend pointed out that the Hibiscus gives tea that beautiful red color. That gave me the best clue ever, as the tea I remembered was unusually red and sweet. So now I know, and luckily, I can find it again in regular grocery stores!

Happy ending.

Tomorrow will be a very fun and exciting day. I’ll tell you more later :)


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