My first finished watercolor painting since forever

At last. Had to fail over and over again, but here we are – 5-6 attempts later. I like it enought to call it done. Feels awesome! :D

Been grinding for weeks now, “wasting” several sheets of expensive paper. But hey, one needs to make sacrifices in order to improve, right? I’m known for starting over rather than trying to fix a painting that dowsn’t work from the beginning, so this wasn’t an exception either. Especially when it comes to watercolors. So hard! I had to start over 3 times on this piece, the previous version almost ended with a complete disaster. Zimba decided to jump up on my choulders when I was the most busyapplying the tiniest details of masking fluid. He pushed me so hard that it resultet in puddles of masking fluid allover the table and the floor. Everywhere except on the painting, thank god.

Guess who behaved like a little angel afterwards? I know he’s a cat, but I think he actually felt guilty this time ;)

Not sure if I mentioned this Before, but I’ll probably make a review of what I’ve learned so far when it comes to watercolors. Showing all the failed versions and explain why I dind’t feel that they worked. Think it could be a nice way to document stuff, and not just showing my best work all the time. Plus, I can keep going on about how benefitial it is to repeat and start over in order to improve our paintig skills. Success is definitely built by failure.

lynx watercolor by Noukah

So excited to start on other paintings now! I have a few ideas in mind already, I’ll probably continue with my lynxes for a while. nd also squeezing in some of the 100 cats I’m meant to finish. I have this idea about a tiger and a fox playing in a snowy landscape for instance. Gosh, I love sketching different animals together, and imagine how they would behave towards each other. It sparks so many new ideas for future stories and art pieces.
lynx watercolor by Noukah
Did someone say “pancakes”? I’ve fallen into a pancake season, mmm how can it be so tasty. Gotta go make some, I’m starving.

Then I’m gonna try to finish that blog header I’ve been working on whenever I got some extra time to spare. Been procrastinating for so long, mostly because I was unsure of what to draw. I mean come on, it’s not like I’m getting a tattoo :D So.. It’s going to be two foxes on a cliff in a forest – what a chock ;) You’ll see when it’s finished.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!




  1. MarschelArts 20 January, 2018 at 19:54

    Great job! The trial and error really paid off here. A direct comparison with the digital color sketch and the finished watercolor side by side would be interesting to see. As far as I remember, there was a bit more of a warm tint in the background. Well, easier said then done, I know how hard it is to do with watercolor. The masked out paws and water splashes make for a really nice effect, letting the white of the paper shine through and thus breaking up the otherwise solid shape of the painting. Again, great job and I’m in awe once again Andrea!

    1. Andrea 20 January, 2018 at 23:41

      Thanks! :D I can show you a comparison. You’re right, they do differ a bit when it comes to color, which was expected since I need to practice color mixing more :) As long as I can nail the values I’m happy.

  2. Lovisa 20 January, 2018 at 20:40

    Goddag Yxskaft! Hittade just denna sida, så vänligen bortse från mitt n00b-inlägg på svenska bloggen ;)

  3. Luiza 24 January, 2018 at 14:55

    It’s so great! I’m really happy for you that all the ward work payed out! :)

    1. Andrea 24 January, 2018 at 18:37

      Thank you! It is so worth it :)


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