Did I finish drawing all the 100 cats?

Nice and calm day yesterday. I’ve spent so much time in the kitchen, surrounded by wet paint, brushes and paper. Gosh, been such a long time since I experienced this. Having the table covered in art supplies. Amazing.

I’ve just prepared a new watercolor painting. First I created a quick digital painting, the one here above, to use as reference for my traditional piece. Sketched it straight out of my head, as usual.

Wrote the other day on insta that I wanted to dedicate January to the majestic lynx. Honestly, It’s hard to believe that we have big cats here in Sweden!

If I’m happy with my ongoing watercolor paintings? Well, that’s another story. Already started over several times, and I’ll probably make many more attempts before things really click. I’m struggling a bit with gradients and washes. Not giving up though. Luckily, I’m very stubborn, so I’ll just keep pushing.

Speaking of stubborness.
Remember last year, when I talked about that I wanted to improve my cat drawings? In order to do that, I put up a goal to draw 100 cats. Repetition is key, and I was determent.

So, how did it go then?

Ehm. Well.

I’ve probably drawn around 30 perhaps? Lost counting to be honest.

Luckily(hehe) I never set a clear deadline for them all.

That’s why I brought this up again, let’s finish all the rest as promised. I’m just gonna pick up where I stopped. Plus, I can take advantage of the fact that I decided to draw lots of Lynxes this month. See what I did there? ;)

It will be a perfect thing to draw while taking short breaks during work and freelancing. I also just delivered that book cover illustration the other day, yay! 8 more illustrations to go. Can’t wait to see it published.

Hope you’ll have a great day!


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