Had a workshop at Futuregames

Painted this little fox during a lecture earlier in November.

Feels so awesome. Had this presentation and painting demo at Futuregames here in Stockholm a few weeks ago. It’s a school that focuses 2D, 3D and Game Design.

If you remember my goals for 2017, you may have remembered that I wanted to get better at public speaking. So when I got this offer, the timing was perfect. It felt scary as hell, of course. But I mean, the year was ending. I just HAD to do this.

I barely slept the night before, my heart just kept beating super hard. Total fight or flight mode. I had prepared my self to the teeth, wanted to be clear and deliver something good. Damn, I’m such a hopeless control freak.

Eventually, the lecture went awesome. I had such a fun time, felt like I talked for 20 minutes, but I think I kept demoing for about 3 hours.
I talked a bit about my professional background, showcased some work I’ve done through out these years, and talked a bit about why there’s mostly personal art into my portfolio. I could cover this part in another post later on, if somebody is curious about that part :)

Some steps of my fox painting

  1. Line art
  2. Block in local colors
  3. Add light, shadows, and some reflective light(perhaps from the sky)
  4. Final polish

Something has happened lately. I think that I’ve stepped up my game a bit. This painting went surprisingly fast to make, compared to before. Think that I’ve found new ways in my workflow that has made me work even smarter, instead of harder. I can relax more, and just trust the process. Feels fantastic, actually!

I can get back to talking about my current workflow as well, as it seems that I tweak it for every year :)

And speaking of lectures. Wouldn’t it be awesome to become really pro at public speaking? I’m gonna look for some courses in 2018, I wanna improve and gain those skills. One more step towards crushing that stage fear for good.

Thanks again Futuregames, for having me!



  1. Mikael Englund 22 December, 2017 at 00:12

    Your art is great :) But you’re gonna have to add more emotion and “happening” (perhaps event?) to add further depht, no matter how awkward it might or so will be. With that bit added, you’re art will be Complete! I intent no malice, I simply just just wish and hope for you to do well and surpass beyond what you have greatly accomplished :) Keep it up :) Don’t answer nor complain, my intent and oppinion is friendly, I think You a ‘re doing awesomly :) Just sharpen up that bit and you’ll be be doing great! :) Don’t put any energy in answering unless if it matters greatly, my view won’t alter and your’s shouldn’t :)

    1. Andrea 22 December, 2017 at 09:44

      Thanks for your feedback and kind words! I’ve definitely been aiming towards more emotion and “happening” in my art these past years.
      You’re absolutely right, that art in general has more depth if it also has a meaning, instead of just looking pretty.

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


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