The story of my nickname “Noukah” and why I picked it

I get this question from time to time, so I thought I’d share the ancient story of the nickname Noukah and how I came up with it. I’ve used it for so long now, since the infamous teenage era. It has a little story to it ◠◡◠

Ready? Ready. Allright.

I was twelve first time I heard the name “Noukah”, or “Nuka” to be exact. Which was while watching… Duh duh DUUUN. Lion King 2. One of the lions in that movie just got stuck with me. I don’t know why, I just thought his name sounded nice. Like wow, “Nuka”.

During the same time, when MTV was big, I came across some commercial that showcased Suzanne Vega’s song “Luka”, which I also liked! You know “My name is Luka, I live on the second floor…” Yeah, that song  ◠◡◠

Didn’t do much about it at that time though. Didn’t come up with any fictive character, named my hamster “Noukah”, or did anything else clever. I was too busy thinking about horses at the time… It just got planted as a small seed at the back of my mind.Noukah

Fast forward to like… 3 years later. 

I was 15 and sat in front of my family’s computer, about to open an account on Lunarstorm. Ooh, feeling all nostalgic now. To my foreign readers: Lunarstorm was our Swedish version of a similar community like Myspace, all the cool kids hung out there(It closed down ages ago, but they actually rebooted it quite recently!). I wanted something short and catchy and got to think of “Nuka” that I subconsciously bookmarked years earlier. Felt like coming up with my own spelling and tadaa! “Noukah” was born. It’s been with me since then. Like my very own online comfort blanket. Mmmm.

I try to use that nickname everywhere I can. If you search for it, chances are high that you’ll find me, or my art.

Oh, another fun fact! I later learned that people named “Anouk” tend to go by the nickname “Noukah”. So nope, the way I spelled it turned out not to be that unique after all, haha! And that “Nuka” means “Younger sibling” in Greenlandic. The name is also used in Native American. So technically… Have I actually named myself “Little Sister?” Hm. Who knew!

Now you know too  ◠◡◠

Do you have a special nickname? Online or IRL?


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  1. El Burro Ninja 5 January, 2017 at 11:26

    My nickname? it’s a long story…


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