3 tips to keep up with Inktober and get momentum

A whole month of inking. It can feel daunting at first, but I really want to pull this off this year.

Not familiar with Inktober? Well, a guy named Jake Parker started it all. Every October, the challenge is to draw one ink drawing per day, for 31 days straight. It’s not a must of course, but it’s a nice way to develop good drawing habits, and to improve your ink drawings. Since this whole thing started a couple of years ago, tons of artists have improved their inking skills during this month. It has been really inspiring for me.

I rediscovered inks last year at CTNx, after drooling over Katie’s fantastic sketchbook. Seriously follow her, she’s awesome! I watched her sketch with some inks, brushes and fountain pens. Funny creatures and pretty animals. Like the perfect bait for my picky, fartistic brain. Coming back to Stockholm, I immediately purchased some new pens that to this day, are my all time favorite pens to sketch with.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been bit absent from my sketchbook and pens, cause well ehehehehe. I’m a lazy fart. Hiding behind my full-time game art job. Inktober could potentially be a golden ticket back to sketchbook productivity.

Last year tried to join in, but stopped after 3 days or so. Ehehm… but maybe this time. If we try and plan a descent approach, we could keep up. Let’s try!

3 tips to keep up with Inktober

  1.  Schedule it in
    I tend to get more things done if they’re actually on my to do list. Try scheduling in a certain time every day, maybe 30 minutes to an hour. Even ten minutes! As long as you draw at all.
  2.  Keep things small
    They don’t have to be full-blown ink paintings, sometimes less is more. Focusing on story instead of technique can help a lot to make appealing ink drawings. It should be fun, try to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself.
  3. Make sketches in advance
    Yes. Well, you don’t have to ink them in advance of course. But if you have a bunch of sketches ready to ink, things might speed up and you’ll feel more eager to finish them.

I’m pretty excited about Inktober, actually. Already started warming up, experimenting with different approaches. Still in my bland comfort zone, feeling safe and cosy, hehe. Tomorrow’s topic is “Fast”. I guess I’ll start off with a horse running. I’ll probably post most of my drawings on Instagram.

Will you be joining? Feeling pumped?



  1. made by mary 11 October, 2016 at 17:17

    Men alltså hur duktig är inte du!!? Älskart! Superimpad <3

    Ps. skrattade så jag grät ang din kommentar hos teknikfik om att "leta upp minsta ojämnhet i huden" och klämma skiten ur den så att man FÅR problem. Här är en fellow problemskapare. :P

    1. Andrea 22 October, 2016 at 14:16

      Åh tusen tack! :D

      Hahaha åh skönt att jag inte är den enda. Så svårt att låta bli, men det e ju så sjukt tillfredsställande att klämma och pilla hahaha!


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