Life update

Hey y’allll!

Sorry about the absence. Don’t have any unique excuses other than life’s ups and downs, and that there’s way too few hours in a day. Seriously, where does all the time go?

Busy days

I’m currently juggling everyday life, a fulltime job at King, freelance gigs and personal growth, and my addiction to Pokemon Go. To top it off I’m also trying to shift things around so that I have proper time to work on my own stuff again(beside doodling foxes), such as this blog that I really enjoy creating content for! As you can tell, I haven’t quite figured it all out yet.. However, I do have some new posts in mind that I’ve scheduled in, which I’m aiming to put out soon enough!

Autumn fox

Things ahead

Other pet projects that I have in the pipe(which have’been meaning to do a loooong time ago) is to kick-start my Youtube channel again for turorials, and to start working on my own stories. I’m really longing to have at least that one thing that’s all mine. Maybe some sort of a novel… I’ve got a few ideas but it’s still at a very early stage. Hm, we’ll see, I may talk more about this later on. You need to actually get shit done before you can tell everyone, right? Hehe… ◠◡◠

Crocodile fox

What have you been up to lately? Do you manage to work on your own stuff?



  1. Andreas 27 September, 2016 at 11:26

    Hej Andrea!

    It’s always great to see new posts (and drawings!) from you, and I’m glad you’re alive and kickin’. :-) It sounds like you’re on top of things and are making good progress in your professional life, but if you ever feel you have too many things taking up your time I can recommend the book “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan; it’s a bestselling book on productivity and I am currently reading it for the second time, trying to bring more focus to my life.

    1. Andrea 22 October, 2016 at 14:47

      Aww thanks! :)

      And thanks for the tip! I added it to my reading list, gonna see whether there’s an audio version of it somewhere? I’m really bad at reading due to lack of time, but I’ve consumed a lot of audiobooks lately.

      What’s your main focus right now? :)

      1. Andreas 20 November, 2016 at 20:26

        Hi Andrea!

        Sadly I haven’t been able to pinpoint what to focus on right now – drawing, studies or language career (as most people I have many dreams) – but I hope to gain the clarity to make that decision soon.

        I can’t find the audio book on any Swedish service, but it is available on Audible ( or on CD from the authors’ website.

        Good luck with your artwork!

  2. MarschelArts 27 September, 2016 at 22:17

    Heeey Andrea! Good to see you back :)
    I hope among all this work going on, you also find some time to relax. The last thing we want would be you exploding from overwork :D Altho I imagine you’d just fall into thousands of four leaved clovers, scattered in the wind ~
    As you know, I’m eager to see and read your stories! I want to see that potential fulfilled. Maybe you can combine that with your youtube channel, slowly putting out sneak peaks and build a ” making of “.
    I have been very, very busy too. Dayjob takes almost all of my time. Having to deal with a lot of personal problems the last few months as well resulted in quite the setback in regards to personal projects, streaming and so on… But, at least I make good progress with the writing of my story! Worldbuilding, styletests, moodboards and characters are done slowly but steadylie. So as soon as I have more time on my hands, expect to see that thing come to life! :D

    1. Andrea 22 October, 2016 at 14:56

      Heeey thanks Marcel :D

      Haha wish it was that gracious! Usually I just hit the couch and cover myself in self-pity for a while. Haha.

      Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to do! That combo would be the dream. I’m trying to schedule everything in(and settle with that one story, haha), still trying to figure out how much I should take on, finding that nice balance while still maintaining my fulltime job. Hey I’m sorry to hear that about personal life, I know the feeling :/ I’m here if you need someone to talk to! So glas that you still have your story to look forward to and I can’t wait to see al that come to life!


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