Sunday recap No. 5 & 6: Kingfomarket, BBCON and Schoolism

Phew. Maybe you noticed that I never made a recap last week. Sorry about that! A lot of things were happening, and my job and other things demanded most of my attention so I had to make some sacrifices. But now I’m back, and hah, at least I haven’t been bored during these two weeks. I’m pumped with inspiration and new ideas, although I’m mentally exhausted. It’s a lot to process for an introvert like me, but I had an awesome time! So what have I been up to, hmm?

Some memorable events from these past two weeks:

⋙Kingfomarket, May 19 – 20. This was a huge event held by King, the gaming company I currently work at. It was great! The entire company was invited (we are almost 2000 employees, yikes) we got free food, had workshops and seminars covering all kinds of things that affected our daily work. The artists had the great opportunity to listen to several speakers, my favorite was definitely Daniel Lopez Muñoz from Pixar. He gave a talk about his work on the movie Up. Needless to say, but I think everyone cried at the end ♡

Art drop!

And some of us artists made at drops, hohoho. Khsiraj snatched it ;)


⋙BBCON 2016, May 28. This was so much fun! Thanks Linda Hörnfelt(founder of Better Bloggers) & crew for arranging it! ♡ For you who are not familiar with BBCON yet, it’s a new Swedish expo where professional bloggers and companies were invited for seminars and panels. This years hot topics were:

  • Partner- and sponsorships, legal info and general tips when collaborating with other companies or agencies.
  • How to become a professional blogger featuring Sandra Beijer.
  • Adobe’s Anna Rose gave us a walkthrough and showcased new features in Creative Cloud.
  • What makes a blog popular? Featuring Clara Lidström.
  • How storytelling is significant to gain an engaged audience, or to hype your product.

It’s also an awesome event for networking! I was lucky enough to have a chance meet and greet several awesome people, such as: LouiseAnnika and Elin, plus some more ◠◡◠

Most of the seminars were in Swedish, but I do hope that it will become more international next year, since that could potentially benefit the blogosphere. Most bloggers from Sweden focus primary on building a Swedish audience, which in my opinion, may be a bit limiting in some ways.

And I caught up with so many friends! Hung out with Nina, Johan, Ilias, Hedvig, Nika, Madde, RachelMaja, Roberta, Juanbi, Ebba, Polina, who did I miss aaah. Also, I finally got to meet Marcel (we’ve been following each other’s blogs for years), Linda, and many more! ◠◡◠

Sam Nielson!

Schoolism Workshop in Stockholm, May 28 – 29. Yay! I’t’s their second visit and it was awesome. Sadly I missed the workshops during Saturday, due to BBCON, but made it to the Meet & Greet during the eveing, and the rest of the talks on Sunday.

It was great. My two favorite talks was Sam Nielson’s “Lighting for Storytelling” And Kris Pearn’s “Storyboarding”. I admire them so much.

I also turned 30 last week, so I guess I’m officially a grown up, heh ◠◡◠

So yeah, I’ll be burnt out for the rest of the summer, or so it feels…! I’m so mentally beat down that it’s not even funny, haha! Didn’t feel quite well this morning, thought I was getting sick but I think I dodged it. Needed a very well needed rest, so I can function properly again…. I should be fine tomorrow.

How have you been?? ◠◡◠

Take care, amigos!  New art is on the way, just need to catch my breath first♡



  1. Sergio Ar 30 May, 2016 at 23:40

    so nice to see all this art related events :D i wish someday i could attent to one so nice that went to 2 of them!! and it is so nice to meet all of your heroes :D hehe i have beeen great i am planing of doing an art drop :3 so nice to see this side of the art world :D i wish in my country it would be like that :D nice weeks andrea! hope you get more like those!!

    1. Andrea 31 May, 2016 at 20:31

      Glad you liked it! ◠◡◠ Oh, which one would you like to attend?? Yeah I agree, it’s so fun and overwhelming at the same time. You should ask Schoolism to go visit Guatemala so you can go too! Wishing you an awesome week as well ♡

    1. Andrea 31 May, 2016 at 20:31

      Yay! ◠◡◠ Ohh that’s awesome, thanks! ♡

  2. Marcel 31 May, 2016 at 22:27

    Yeah this weekend was really awsome! Both days of Schoolism Live have been so inspiring and motivational… And as promised, I spent the time since my arrival in germany with my project :)
    It was great meeting you in person! though I have to say that I was kinda nervous and fear I talked like a broken typewriter :’D

    1. Andrea │ Noukah - Art & Life 1 June, 2016 at 10:08

      Wohoo I agree! So pumped to get my stories going. How’s the project going for you, so glad you started on it!

      Likewise, and you didn’t seem nervous at all! I’m very easy going so hopefully that will go away completely next time we meet, haha.

      1. Marcel 2 June, 2016 at 00:34

        The project gets a little dust-off and first. I will rework the script and story a bit. Thanks to Kris I realised a few problems that need a little polish. Also the existing character designs get a new design pass, just to incorporate the things I’ve learned. I’ll see to that I can share a first look during june :)

        I’m looking forward to meeting you again! And there is lots of Stockholm I havn’t seen yet. Lets see when I can get my next vacation, haha!
        Btw: Talking through two comment sections is complicated :D

  3. Villewilson 2 June, 2016 at 14:44

    You didn’t really miss anything on Saturday. It was way too many “motivational and life experience” lectures, people talking about their experiences in the industry, followed by some beginner stuff, such as the basics of gesture drawing & line of action (Arriaga) or the use of shapes (Silver). While they do say that we all need to repeat our basics from time to time, this was really the sort of stuff that I’m sure you could do in your sleep (at least that’s the impression that your drawings from the previous blog leave on the readers), so technically all the important and advanced stuff was happening on Day 2. :)

    By the way, I recently moved to Sweden and I’m still not so good with the language and have no idea how to get info on all those events in the industry. I have been member of Schoolism for some time so I was notified of the Stockholm event, but all these other events you mention – how do you get informed about them? Is there any website or portal or community where Swedish artists (or at least those from Stockholm) gather or is this rather something you get notified about in your line of work at King?


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