Happy birthday Rosso ♡

Yay Rosso!

This little monkey-pig turns 8 today! Wow. 8 freakin’ years. Already. Can’t believe how fast time flies. I was like.. 22 I think, and I had just got my first job as an artist. I can pretty much count my professional years of experience in Rosso’s age.

My flares

Allright, back to Rosso. Speaking of him, I wasn’t even a cat person back then. I dreamed about owning two dogs – a Bullterrier and a Dachshund. To be frank, I actually thought that dogs(and ferrets!) were the ultimate pets, and cats were just.. Boring and mean.

Cats suuuck

Ironically, I’ve never even had dogs or ferrets… But I’m definitely never getting a cat, ever… 

Cats suck

Pfft yeah right!

It was my boyfriends fault actually. He just moved out from his parents and absolutely LOVED cats. Grew up with them, and now he was aching for a new kitten. Not any kitten, but a Persian… I thought it was a cat for old ladies.


I supported him in this(I was curious, ok?) and started browse for available kittens online. I mean, pets are pets, right? I wanted pets!

Then suddenly, I saw this:

Baby Rosso

I surrender. Can you blame me?

He was available, we visited him, got hooked, my dignity was shattered and the rest is history. Rosso has soon been sticking around for 8 years, and letting him live with us has after all, has been the best decision ever. I guess I won’t have to mention twice that I’m definitely a cat person today ◠◡◠

The cosy toad himself



  1. Marcel 11 May, 2016 at 22:28

    What a nice story ( of being converted to the one, true faith ;P, just kidding ) It is great to have pets around, no matter where your preferences are. They keep you company and remind you to take regular breaks :). I do miss my cats a lot. I had 3 of them when I was still living with my parents. Last year, the last of them died after a glorious life of 17 years.. they all grew fairly old. Thinking of them now still gives me a few tears, but much, much more memories of the great the times I had with the crazy, adorable and sometimes silly bunch of them. One day I will have cats again!

    1. Andrea 17 May, 2016 at 16:24

      Haha thanks :) I dn’t regret anything, cats and pets in general are the best! Totally agree with you, their company is priceless.

      Aww so sorry to hear about your cat. I’m glad that they all had a long and happy life though, I’m jealous :) Java only lived for 5 years… He would’ve turned 6 last week, the day before Rosso’s birthday. Just like you, I’ll cherish the memories forever :) Hope you can have a little kitty of your own soon – put it as a 5 year goal? :)


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