Sunday recap No. 3 and a weekly unseen sketch

This week has been awesome. Short week at work, due to holidays on Thursday, so I took a shorter vacation. Spent it on the countryside to hang out and watch the pets. Boyfriends mom and hubby was out of town, so we got to help out while they were gone ◠◡◠  And the weather! Ghah, the weather… Spring (or summer?) is officially here in Sweden and everything’s in bloom in romantic  Disney’s Bambi style. I think that time of the year has started, where you actually feel guilty for staying inside and working. Heh.

4 highlights from this week:
Week highlights

  1. This was an epic one. I finally used my license to the max and drove a car on my own. We got to borrow it, in order to drive from town to the house. I had a personal goal: drivers license before 30(I procrastinate a lot). And I got it earlier in.. February I think? But this was the first time that I actually tried it on my own without assistance from someone with a license already. VICTORY! I think I got this.
  2. Sheep! They just had a bebby, he’s adorable and his name is Otto. He was such a show off.
  3. I found my first four leaf of the year, while walking boyfriend’s sisters bunny. Will be interesting to see how many I can collect this year! Those who know me, are aware of my total obsession with four leaves ◠◡◠
  4. Anemones. Those and lilies of the valley – prettiest spring flowers ever.

Oh yeah! I also made a short visit for that Comic’s Festival today, here in Stockholm! Caught up with some friends, made new ones and peeked at all the cool comics displayed at the booths. Hopefully I can exhibit too next year! Need some new work to showcase first….

Speaking of showcasing new work, here’s a weekly unseen sketch!

tiger sketch

It’s another one from that previous project that I quickly mentioned in this post. Still trying to figure out personality and design. I have a vague story for them, but there are still some pieces missing, in order to go all in with the visuals… Storytelling is hard!! Character design is hard too….

Thoughts from the past week

I’m getting a new bike tomorrow! Been thinking about that a lot. Haha. I haven’t ridden a bike properly since I was 13, so I’m super excited to do that again. Especially when I see the current weather outside. My plan is to start biking back and forth to work, I’m super excited to see if I can pull it off.

That I want to learn how to master gouache and watercolors properly. I made an attempt a couple of weeks ago, but failed miserably…

Next week will probably be fun as well. I’ll start on a new a tutorial post on how I paint trees, and hopefully some other stuff too. Speaking of tutorials – if you have any requests, any levels, feel free to let me know and comment below ◠◡◠

Hope you had an awesome week!



  1. Sergio Ar 8 May, 2016 at 23:39

    the weather look amazing :D is the farm yours??? i see a rabbit in the back of the leaf XD jeje nice sketch!! always love your big cats :3

    1. Andrea 9 May, 2016 at 16:52

      Oh yes it’s great right now! :)

      Nope not my farm.

      And thank you! Hope you’re well!


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