Sunday recap No. 2

This week has been pretty productive! Got a lot of work-related things done, and feel pretty inspired right now. Good times! I also discovered an awesome way to organize my notes in a journal, I’m kinda blown away. I love lists and I’m proud of it ◠◡◠

I also started working out again. Been on a break more or less for a month, due to being too busy(not good at all, I wanna be able to relax have a life, and not just work. Hard to balance everything sometimes)

Other than that, not much else has happened. This is a quite typical week in my life. I love staying home after work and just relax, as if I’m already old and retired… We were thinking about going out and watch the fire yesterday, but then I though “nah”. I’ll just enjoy everybody else’s pretty pics from the evening! Many other blogs are currently exploding with beautiful photos of fires and spring flowers. And it’s easy to get caught in that wave, feeling the pressure to do the same, so I had to stop myself and say Nope. Just no. That wouldn’t be me. I should focus mainly on art in my blog!  And be myself. There’s nothing wrong with just lying on the couch all weekend, eat chocolate and watch documentaries with your boyfriend and cats! Maybe I can paint some spring-themed illustrations instead ◠◡◠

4 pics of the week:

Sunday recap No. 2

  1. A typical morning view in my kitchen. Z sunbathing on the table.
  2. Sketch tuesday! Met up with some artist friends at Magnolia to hang out and sketch. It occurs every week, but I haven’t joined in a while. Nice to be back, and catch up. And they had vegan snacks! Yay!
  3. I kept practicing taking photos. So tricky. I often practice on the cats, and yeah, they’re not the easiest subject to capture sometimes ◠◡◠ 
  4. Z explored the balcony for the first time. We tried to walk him outside on a leash, yesterday, but he totally freaked out. Such a chicken. So slowly introducing him to the outside world will probably help, haha.

And here’s this week’s unseen sketch!

Fox sketch -

Another fox that I’ll be using for a different idea. Took the opportunity to sketch in grayscale to practice values!

Tips and thoughts

Am I “HSP”?
Saw some posts from Agnes, who mentioned that she’s HSP(Highly Sensitive Personality), which made me curious. After some research, I actually realize that maybe I’m HSP too..? I recognize myself so much in the descriptions. Lots of things make more sense, feels like I know myself better in some sense. This has occupied my mind a lot this past week.

The Bullet Journal
I’m probably quite late to the party, but I came across this awesome way for rapid logging through Atilio this other day(Haha feels, like I’ve lived under a stone, where did all the awesome bloggers come from? Where have I been?!) Anyway, it’s called the Bullet Journal, if you love making lists and being organized, you’re gonna love this. Try it!

Hope you all had a nice week! Let’s see if I can pull this off next week as well ◠◡◠ 



  1. Alex FitzGerald 1 May, 2016 at 21:02

    I kind of wish my cats had a bit of fear of the outdoors! We too have a balcony, but I put a up some mesh to cover the opening because I’m so paranoid they’re going to launch themselves right off the 2nd story in an attempt to jump up on the ledge. They are uncoordinated and excitable.
    Love the personal touches on your new blog :)

    1. Andrea 17 May, 2016 at 16:30

      Haha really? Have they ever escaped? My previous Sphynx cat Java actually fell out from the balcony(French balcony accidently left open) while nobody was home. I have no idea how long he was outside, but ohh, the panic I felt when I couldn’t find him at first. Luckily he was way too scared to stray off, so we found him right under the house *phew*

      How’s the mesh working? I”m thinking about putting up something too, but they’ll only be outside under under supervision. I’m paranoid too hahaha.

      Glad you like it! :D


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