Casual sketching while it’s raining outside

Evening sketch

Yay! I finished the illustrations last night, so now I’ve finally got time for my own stuff again ◠◡◠
I’m celebrating with lit candles and my sketchbook, getting all cozy sitting on my couch. And it’s raining outside. Mmmm… Usually I’m scared to light candles when I’m home alone, (what if I forget lighting them out.) so this is actually the first time that I do it, ever. Hard to believe, since I’m already turning 30(in 19 days, ahh holy crap!) Yeah baby, I feel so brave right now.

So what am I sketching tonight? Well, you can have one guess…

Points earned if you guessed “Foxes”! Haha. Ohh I love them, they’re so adoreable. I started coloring this sketch a while back :

Fox sketch by

But I had to pause and focus on my freelance gigs for a while. I just got back to it, and got some more ideas that I’d like to add. So that’s pretty much what I’m doing tonight! Jotting down thumbnails and notes for some additional sketches to this current one. Don’t worry, he may seem sad, but I’m meaning to add a happy ending to this!

What’s up at your end? Hope you’re having an awesome evening ♥


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