Random things that happens during the hills and valleys of a professional artist. This category showcases random blog posts about my everyday life, rantings or cats.

Artistic ramblings

I’m a professional illustrator, mostly working in Photoshop, creating digital paintings.

Sometimes I have bad days and doubts, I start worrying that I’m not good enough. I’m getting too old(lol, what?), I don’t draw fast enough, or I start to dwell upon things that happened long ago. Wondering whether I made the right decisions during my life. Even though I’m at a very happy and content state right now, being extremely thankful for all that I have, it’s still important to not suppress these doubts.

They’re normal. You’re a person with feelings. Come on I’m an artist, I’m supposed to think about these things all the time! :) It just took some time to accept that side of me.

And that’s pretty much what this category is about, hehe.

Enjoy :)

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Life update

Hey y’allll! Sorry about the absence. Don’t have any unique excuses other than life’s ups and downs, and that there’s way too few hours in a day. Seriously, where does all the time go? Busy days I’m currently juggling everyday life,…

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New blog in the making

Hey! Soooo Voilá! I’ve finally jumped on the WordPress wagon! Been thinking about it on and off through out the years, so I feel really excited that it finally happened. I hope that you’ll like this new site and I…

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