Wohoo, the hype is real! I’m still so excited about all the fresh knowledge that I’ve gained these past weeks. I’m not sure if it’s currently me, or the Red Bull speaking(yeah, I know I keep saying that I’m gonna stay away from that stuff, but it’s my first Red Bull in YEARS, hehhehehehe) I feel like I wanna join Zimba and bounce around in the apartment parkour style. He just discovered rubber bands. You should see him right now, cats are so easily amused. Actually, we’re equally excited.

Because I’ve discovered my own answer to rubber bands!

adding color to a grayscale paintingYes, I’m talking about me finally figuring out how to add color to a grayscale painting. Like, actually making the colors work. Without turning all dirty and muddy. You probably know what I mean, my fellow digital artist amigo.

Seriously, it blows my mind how fast I can paint now, compared to before.

I love efficiency.
I love figuring out ways to work smarter instead of harder.
Painting without the “pain”. Get it? Pain-ting! Haha oh god Andrea, SHUT UP.

adding color to a grayscale painting

So I posted that tutorial last weekend, which you seem to be appreciating a lot.

So many new blog visitors!

Yeah, thought that I should make some more stuff covering this topic. Give back. I just published a new time lapse where I took the same approach, thought it could be interesting to see. Plus, I can go back during my crappy days and remind myself of how I did it. Win – win!

Adding color to a grayscale painting

On a side note. I know the painting is very New Age, haha! I think that the 11 year old me took over for a moment and art directed me. I loved airbrushed animals, space, dolphins and stuff. WHO DIDN’T LOVE ALL THAT AT? Some of us may still do, hohoho.

Laters, amigos ◠◡◠

Thank you so much for sticking around