My lovely amigos. Happy New Year, and Flappy New EAR! (Haha, I’m abusing that pun)

Hope your winter holidays have been fantastic so far. That you’re getting high on yummy food, christmas candles, purring cats and much more.

This year’s just flown by, kinda scary how fast time goes the older you grow. SLOW DOWN DAMN IT! I would barely remember what I’ve done, if I wouldn’t keep track of everything. Feck yeah, Bullet Journals!

Here are some my highlights of 2016

Driving License

Oh yeah, I’m probably most proud of this one. Worked my butt off to pass the damn tests. Also promised myself to get it before 30 and BOOM. I made it. Had it since february, and I proudly flash my little plastic card whenever I’m asked to show my ID. Hohoho, proud and loud. The entire world needs to know that NOUKAH CAN NOW DRIVE ON HER OWN! Booyaaa!

Bullet journal

Earlier in May, I discovered rapid journals, also called the Bullet Journal which has blown my mind. I’m obsessed with lists, and a hopeless control freak, so this method has been like a cozy blanket for my soul. I’m finally at peace. I’ll talk more about this later own, because it deserves a separate post. THE HYPE IS REAL!

Inspiration is back

YES!!! Finally! Some of you may know that I got depressed as hell back in 2014. As one of the side effects(beside wanting to die. Yeah really, I didn’t want to exist anymore) I stopped drawing completely. Everything felt meaningless, just the thought of art-related stuff left me paralyzed.

Well, I can announce that I’m officially back! After years of constipation and anxiety, I finally rediscovered the love and curiosity of creating art. I thought that I’ve lost it completely, but nope. I was strong enough. Thank fecking god.

Standing up for myself

This has been a big deal for me. It’s the first time ever that I’ve finally started to stand my ground. You have no idea how much I’ve learned about myself this year. Like why I react and feel a certain way in different situations, and I can finally pinpoint my personal weaknesses so I get work on them. This is probably my biggest challenge ever, it’s been a very turbulent yet interesting time of my life. I’ll definitely get back to this. Stay tuned.

Hm, what else?

Oh! I also had the opportunity to make a workshop for ImagineFX, which I’m very proud of ◠◡◠

And my favorite illustration of 2016 is probably this one:

And this one:

Browsed through the stuff I’ve made through out this year, and I still feel very proud of these two! Had such an awesome time working on it, and I learned a lot. They were both for a short story in Kamratposten.


Last but not least I wanna thank you all for the love and support. You are the reason that I share my work and keep going. Wishing you all a fantastic 2017, may all your dreams come true with rainbows and unicorn-cats.


Feel free to share your own highlights of 2016! I’d love to know ◠◡◠