Oh hai self doubt! Why, here we go.


Things can turn around so fast. From feeling pumped and motivated to mjeh. I’m currently sitting here feelig sorry for myself. Doubting and stuff.

Picture this. Once again you reflect over your life and wonder why you feel like such a misfit. Why you’re such a bad friend. Why it’s so hard for you to get new friends. Why you can’t function properly with others, or work in a team. The list goes on. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, you just keep failing. You just want to hibernate on the couch and stuff yourself with cheap cookies. You don’t even like those cookies but you’ll eat them anyway!

Self esteem. Why are you so damn fragile?


This is exactly why I blog actually.

I’m not afraid of feeling vulnerable. I wanna write about setbacks, not just rainbows and happy unicorns. Try to figure out how to slay them. The setbacks, not the unicorns ◠◡◠

No but really. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit weird. I’ve tried to force myself to change and become someone that others expect me to be. I can’t give them what they want. It will never be me. I feel so wrong. Where do I belong?

Hahaha did it rhime again? Maybe I should get into poetry if everything elsOh STOP IT ALREADY, ANDREHA!

You so silly.

Sorry if I’m a bit vague. Can’t be too personal here, since I’m in the middle of this. Things are complex. Bleh.

Well. I’m gonna allow myself to feel crappy today. I know that it will pass. It goes up and down, up and dooooown… Break down, accept, get up and soldier on. Then start all over again.

Everyone feels worthless sometimes, and that’s OK.

I’m ok.

You’re ok.


Feel free to join my self-pity party today. Just make sure you forgive yourself afterwards. I’m gonna have to remind myself of that part.