Oh the irony. I was actually considering leaving Instagram a couple of weeks ago. But I’m still there posting! Addicted much? Anyway,  I’ve just started with something fun over there – Felt like i’ve been stuck in my comfort zone lately, drawing the same horses and foxes over and over again, so I asked my followers to tag their pets under the hashtag #noukahdrawspets. Now I’ve got a bunch of images to choose from and use as reference, many of them even are way too adorable to wait with!

First out is a Boston Terrier named Quincy. I died a little when I saw him, all snuggled up in a blanket. I felt excited and cocky at the time so I started sketching solely with my inks.

boston terrier sketches

Oops. About 20 failed attempts later, I realized that I was rustier than I thought. The sketches had nowhere the quality I wanted them to have, I found them too messy. I’ve barely drawn dogs before, other than wolves or foxes, so that explains things. hehe comfort zones, remember? Felt a bit tricky to draw a Boston Terrier. Gotta do my homework! So I made some studies:

boston terrier sketch

dog sketches

Boy, they’re hilarious. JUST LOOK AT THEM CRAZY PUPS!

crazy boston dog sketches

Seriously, what is this I don’t even…
After I’ve calmed down and collected myself, I managed to paint my iteration of Quincy. In Photoshop this time. Here’s the sketch and final painting, took me a couple of hours:Boston Terrier painting

I’ll definitely continue doing these. Hmm which per should I pick next time? Really enjoyed this approach. Making studies, and then make your own idea based off what you’ve learned. In my case, it was Boston Terriers and blanket folds(Note to self: make more studies of drapery!) It makes so much sense, and it’s probably the most effective way to improve your art.

Do you agree or disagree?